recycling plants for aggregates, waste and metals  
  • plants for quarries

    tailor-made plants for
    crushing, screening and
    washing aggregates
  • soil-washing plants

    plants for contaminated
    soil remediation
  • plants for the recycling of
    road sweeping waste

    ideal for the recovery of
    sand and gravel
  • plants for scrap sorting
    for the recovery of ferrous and
    non-ferrous metals from scraps
    and car-fluff

  • machines
    for quarries, for metal and
    waste sorting


Decca Impianti welcomes you!

From 1986 we have been designing and producing technological plants for quarries and mines with the goal of processing different materials such as: aggregates, demolition and excavation aggregates, various metals, industrial waste materials, organic and non-organic materials, and polluted/contaminated materials. Thanks to our special projects department, we have found the best solutions for the treatment of aggregates, starting from the crushing process to the selection and the washing processes, satisfing the needs of the most demanding customers. We guarantee the best results from our feeding, transport, crushing, screening, washing, purification and material recovery plants. We make technological adaptations of existing plants. Among our many appreciated services, we also supply spare parts for machines and repair/recondition used machines. In the last few years we have begun producing advanced plants for the recovery of aggregates from municipal solid waste, from contaminated and polluted soils and even from road sweepings, and plants for the recovery of ferrous and non ferrous metals from waste materials, including car-fluff.

  • high customization of plants

  • we guarantee the customer the best value for money