impianti per inerti e per il riciclaggio di rifiuti e metalli  

  plants for aggregates and for the recycling of waste and metals 

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    soil-washing plants
    for washing contaminated
    earthy materials

  • dual function washing plant
    for contaminated soils and road waste

  • hydrocyclon group

    with vibrating dryer
  • conveyor belts

    for sand discharging
  • view of a
    soil-washing plant

  • rotating drum

  • detail of physical chemical plant

  • view of a
    soil-washing plant

  • feed hopper
    with bar grid

  • paddle mud washer

  • spiral group

  • vibrating screen

  • discharging box
    for recovered sands

  • water clarifier

In Italy, in 2001, we designed and built for the company PBR - Piattaforma Bresciana Recuperi (Maclodio-Brescia) the first process plant called
"Soil-Washing" for the treatment (washing) of soils to be reclaimed and more generally of all contaminated earthy materials. Since then, we have gradually specialized in this sector for which we now boast a vast experience that allows us to offer ourselves to both Italian and foreign customers with customized solutions that are always in step with the times. Soil-Washing technology is applied whenever it is appropriate to recover the valuable part of the contaminated earthy material to be treated, which is an alternative resource to reduce the need for new quarries and landfills. The innovative technology of these plants, widely documented and tested, allows management of excellent economic value. The quality of the products obtained at the end of the process, the very low environmental impact and the compliance with the safety standards of the plants we have built are essential references to meet the favorable opinion of the bodies responsible for operating concessions.

The processing cycle is optimized for the treatment of:

● earthy materials from contaminated soil remediation
● street waste (collected by municipal sweepers)
● residues from drains and drainage grids
● slag from incinerators of municipal solid waste

At the end of the washing and selection process the following products are obtained which are fully recyclable:

● 70-80% of sand and gravel for construction use
● 5-10% of organic fractions convertible into compost

The basic plant is constituted by machines that carry out an energetic and accurate washing with water and by granulometric and gravimetric selection machines. The treatment for the recycling of water with sludge and pollutant extraction is carried out by an ad hoc chemical-physical plant based on the pollutants present in the material, which can be:

benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, chlorinated hydrocarbons, polycyclic hydrocarbons
aromatics, mineral oils, phenols, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, cyanides and heavy metals.

ex Teseco spa (acquired by Waste Recycling)

flow chart of a standard
soil-washing plant

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